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Reasons Why Men Marry Mail Order Brides

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It is no surprise that the phenomenon of mail order brides and the mail order bride industry is viewed in a negative light and subject to stigma. Shows such as 90 Day Fiancée perpetuate the stereotype that American men are desperate to find companionship and love and turn to foreign brides. Additionally, the brides themselves are seen as opportunistic in looking for material and monetary rewards over true love and companionship. If you look beyond general impressions and stereotypes, the reasons American men pursue mail order brides for love and lifelong companionship are more genuine and personal.

The reasons

One reason is the connection between culture and family values. For some American men, they may feel that American women value money and career over more traditional family values. This attitude is reflective of American culture where many families are dual-earner households and focused on financial and material wealth. While it is a necessity to have fiscal and job stability, these men feel there is too much focus on these things. Instead, they may seek out women from cultures which center on the strength of the family unit.

Others belief as family

For many foreign women family is all important. For some mail order brides, they come from countries where there can be significant unrest whether is a political, social or economical in nature. In some countries, the number of women can significantly outnumber the pool of available men so it is more difficult for the mail order bride to find stability and security in their own country. Additionally, in some countries if women are not married by a certain age they can be subject of negative cultural stereotypes. American men increasingly realize these facts and can marry foreign women in order to give them the stability they desire.

Another reason why American men may marry mail order brides is due to the fact that many women who volunteer to be mail order brides are very cultured and articulate and have a broader range of interests. For example, in countries such as Ukraine and Russia, many mail order brides are college educated and come from cultures where there is a thirst for learning whether it language or other cultures. For American men, the combination of beauty and intellect can be an excellent combination.

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Lastly, some American men marry mail order brides due to the fact that divorce is less likely in comparison to if an American men marries an American women. According to statistics provided by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and Homeland Security, the divorce rate for those men who marry mail order brides is around 20% in comparison to 52% when Americans marry Americans. This difference can be attributed to several factors including the amount of time in correspondence (whether in person, email or video chat), cultural focus away from material and monetary concerns and shared philosophies on traditional family values.If you are wondering how much does a mail order bride cost then you are on the right track, because the prices might shock you, mail order bride agencies might charge you for a several thousand of dollars, and in many cases they don’t even deliver what you bought, so keep that in mind before making any decision because there are no mail order brides from Russia for free, and if some dating website tells you otherwise be very suspicious about claims like that.

In order to understand the mail order bride phenomenon, it is important to steer away from preconceived notions and stereotypes and look at the underlying reasons why American men look overseas for potential wives. The reasons why American men merry mail order brides, as stated in this article, show their deeper and genuine motivations to have the ideal family.

How to maintain long distance relationship

Maintaining a relationship is a hard task when the relationship is a long distance one. If there is a misunderstanding then sitting down and talking face to face is not an option. Besides these, when you do not get to meet the person and don’t get to do what a normal couple does then there is a chance of the spark dying slowly and gradually. But there is nothing to fear as with the following tips you can maintain a healthy long distance relationship.

A fixed time of a day

With the advance to telecommunication and social media, staying in contact with a person who lives miles away has become easy. When in a long distance relationship you need to communicate very often to make sure that there is no chance of misunderstanding. You both can fix a time and commit to communicate during this time. You can text or chat or even video chat the list is endless, so pick the one which suits both of you the best. It do not matter what you talk about as long as there is communication between the both of you the chances of any problem arising will be very less.

Gifts and Visits

It is very important to visit each other in order to keep the spark alive. Make sure that you try to visit once every three months or more. In this way, you can have a lovely time together and look forward to the next visit which will keep things interesting.

Sending gifts often is another thing that you can do to maintain a healthy long distance relationship. The gifts do not have to be expensive or over the top it can be something simple and useful. If your boyfriend joined a new office then you can gift him an office bag and for your girlfriend you can send her your t-shirt sprayed with your cologne so that she can lounge in them and feel that you are with her.

So, keep this in mind and you will be able to maintain a healthy long distance relationship.

5 ways to change your name after marriage in US

Changing the name after a marriage is a common thing. If you are recently married then you need to take the proper legal steps to change your name. The task of legally changing your name is quite easy if you know how to approach this task. Here are the 5 ways to change your name after marriage in US.

Step 1

First of all you have to get some copies of your marriage certificate. Having couple of original marriage certificate is very crucial. All you have to do is go to the court where you got married officially and ask them for some extra copies of your marriage certificate. The steps to obtain the certificates are very easy and you will not have any problem with this task.

Step 2

The next step will be filling out the Social Security form known as S S-5. You can get this form and fill it out online too. With few copies of your marriage certificates you will need other important documents too. You will need to provide documents which will let authorities know your identity including your age and you also need to provide a proof whether you have a lawful immigration status or are you a citizen of US.

Step 3

The next step will be updating your driver’s license. In the DMV website of your state you will find the appropriate form. All you need to do is fill out this form correctly and provide the wanted legal documents.

Step 4

With your driver’s license there are also many other important papers where your name is printed. Some of these important documents are your passport, your bank account, cell phone Company you are using, credit or debit cards or other cards like gym membership or grocery store cards. So to make sure that there is no confusion or problem change your name in other such places too.

Step 5

There are some cases where you need to get a court order. You do not have to worry if you have to go through this process as this is a very easy process which you can take on yourself.

If you live in another country and want to change your last time, you can find some useful information here:


Want to save chunk of money on your big day and still have the wedding you deserve ? Not a problem !

Pay less for same quality – online auctions

With the internet of today all the information is in reach of a hand, you can use and ebay or some other alternative to get way less then the real wedding vendor would charge you for the exactly same things… When you buy on online auctions it’s crucial to check the reputation and reviews of the seller before buying anything.

Do you really need all that people …?

When making your quest list for a wedding sometimes it can be frustrating, but you have to remember what it will cost you if you invite all the people that are your “close” friends from junior-high that last time you meet them you was in your teens. Is it worth showing off to someone you have no connection with ? Better save money on your honeymoon, wouldn’t you agree ?

Wedding planners – why they are so expensive ?

If you are managing your wedding and know what you want – like most brides, why would you want someone else to approve every decision you make, you can make them without their approval, now can’t you ? Wedding planners should only be hired if you are a famous or a very rich person who doesn’t know what to do with all their money they having. In a few cases you might need wedding planner if you want to invite a lot of people (but do you really need all that people ? ;) ) or you just don’t want to be to involved in all the planning of the big day.

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